Book 5: Sugar Coated

a Reluctant Sleuth Mystery novel

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"A ghost," the police call Becca's abusive ex husband. Seven years before, she'd fled from him, taking their teenage daughter, Melanie, from Ohio to New Jersey. Now--after arson, a break-in, kidnapping, and a murder, the cops are sure he's come east to terrorize and kill his former wife and her new husband, Gary.

But even with his photo, they can't find him.

The police believe that the murder--a member of the therapy group in the office where Melanie is interning has been stabbed in the back--is a part of the ex's scheme. Gary isn't so sure. He sets out to probe the other members of the group.

After Becca, in shock, tells Gary about her sordid past, he visits the Ohio town where she lived with her ex. The man's friends rub painful details in his face and then he's shot at. But he's stunned to discover that a woman Becca had thought a friend is a relative--and the steps he takes saves her life.

The family's joy blunts even the terror. Perhaps that's not good.

When the ex's friend comes east to take part in the killing, Gary’s police lieutenant friend may not be of help--he's having marital problems and looking to commit a murder of his own. Gary, Becca, and Melanie, don't know they've been trapped in the ex's web until it's too late.

The terror is similar to CAPE FEAR, but with a twist: the family comes to trust the killer. Only the reader knows better.