Book 2: Perfect Cover

PERFECT COVER has been honored as a finalist in the prestigious international 2009 NEXT GENERATION INDIE BOOK AWARDS

a Reluctant Sleuth Mystery novel
published by Deadly Ink Press in December 2008
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In the second Reluctant Sleuth Mystery, PERFECT COVER (coming from Deadly Ink Press in 2008), Gary and Becca are already married. Someone is attacking women at night in the hospital where Becca serves as a nurse. Gary is asked to look into it — in exchange, his police lieutenant friend has Becca reassigned off the night shift. When she finds out, and Gary won't let her become part of what he's doing, she volunteers as a police decoy.

Cover image by Rebecca A. Kandel

The reader knows that two murderous schemes are afoot, though Gary doesn't. Neither readers nor Gary know who is committing the attacks, or who will wind up dead — until it's too late. A hospital security director called the scenario one of his nightmares.

The title PERFECT COVER refers in part to the ex-NYPD detective who has come back to murder a young woman. She's a nursing student at the hospital. In his alias as Manuel, he's the pizza deliveryman, preparing a basement killing room. As Danny, he's falling for her and tearing apart inside as he realizes the innocent girl is falling for him.

Under perfect cover also is the hospital's security director, who is plotting to have his wife killed. It could be just another marriage gone bad, but he smells big money and he won't let anyone get in his way.

Gary's probing drops him into the midst of both deadly schemes. They spin together, injuring him and placing Becca in mortal danger from an unexpected direction.

Finally, it's Gary who must decide whether to die.
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