Dark Sea

DARK SEA, by E.J. Rand
a Reluctant Sleuth Mystery novel
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On their first wedding anniversary vacation, a small-ship cruise, Gary and Becca meet and befriend Denise Holcomb, their cabin neighbor. One evening she speaks of threats made against them--and next morning, after a night at sea, she and her husband have vanished from the ship. The captain, who will not permit interference with the other passengers' pleasure, says the Holcombs went ashore, and sternly warns Gary off. He understands the power of a ship's captain, but Becca insists that they look into it. Investigating on and off the ship as it visits Caribbean islands, the couple finds a dangerous cast of passengers and officers hunting for a missing $86 million--or so the Kemmermans believe.

Cover image by Rebecca A. Kandel

Whichever way they turn, events wrap them ever more tightly into a mystery they cannot figure out. The ship's First Officer Visser begins a cat-and-mouse game with them--he's the cat--and when Gary conflicts with the man, without knowing it he crosses a borderline that almost cost him and Becca their lives.

Biting his tongue, Gary agrees to their visiting a topless beach with two couples from Spain whom Becca has befriended. She expects the six of them to be alone, but when Gary arrives late at the beach, she's already removed her bathing suit top, someone else is there--and from that moment, chasing Becca. Can Gary and Becca survive attempts on their lives and work through painful marital problems? Can they kill to save one another? Who winds up in the DARK SEA?

This intensely emotional murder mystery delves into the evolution of a marriage.